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LiveJournal Turns 10!

LiveJournal Tenth Anniversary Community
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All Members , Moderated
Celebrating 10 years of LiveJournal
Welcome to the lj_turns10 community! LiveJournal hits the big one-o on April 11, 2009, and we're celebrating with a book commemorating the first ten years of LJ. The book will highlight the most interesting and memorable communities, journals, and entries from over the years. Of course, there are tons to choose from, so we need your help narrowing it down. We want to know all your fondest LJ memories. Feel free to post with suggestions and reminiscences (specific links to notable entries would be most appreciated). We'll also be posting questions and polls to help jog your memory.

Community Guidelines

  1. Play nice. Don't do anything to make other users feel unwelcome or afraid to post.

  2. Stay on topic. Everyone is free to post, but posts will be moderated. Posts and comments should focus on potential source material for the book. If you're posting about a specific entry, include a link to the entry. Content that is completely inappropriate may be deleted and users posting such material may be temporarily banned from the community.

  3. Stick to user-generated original content. For reasons relating to copyright law, we can only use original content created by users in the book. (We will of course be asking users for permission to include their content in the book.)

  4. Think of your friends. Be considerate and use an lj-cut for longer entries.

  5. Tag your posts:
    • with the year the entry was made for individual entry nominations

    • with "favorite comm" for a recommendation of a whole community

    • with "favorite journal" for personal journals

    • with a broad subject-matter tag where appropriate, e.g., "politics," "humor," "human interest," "sports," etc.