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My top 5 posts
charlesofcamden wrote in lj_turns10
This replaces my earlier post, in which I neglected to include general categories for each post.

“It is, after all, an anagram for SATAN” Posted on 12/14/08. Category: Humor

“IM frustrated” Posted on 8/30/08. Category: Computer humor

“Quadrennial Haikus” Posted on 2/7/08. Category: Political humor

“Nine/Ten” Posted on 9/11/07. Category: Personal/World events

“Of El Trains and Quatrains” Posted on 5/31/06. Category: Humor

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Be wishful thinker to face the "bitter reality" ! your culture must create an ideological difference to fight for ideal versus rational, to feel more than you give a reason, to defend as a member of the vital few against the trivial many ! , to set Honesty as a slogan to fight corruption , we are rich minded , poor money makers but never surrender ! , The most surviving creatures are the most responsive ones to change ! so be Dynamic !

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