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Ana Voog ...
btripp wrote in lj_turns10
One of the earliest "boosts" to LiveJournal was when Ana Voog (ana, user #2291), of the long-running AnaCam, moved all her IRC fans over here in April/May of 2000.

While Ana has cleared most of her entries from her original journal (and has been using different journals for the various parts of her life), she was definitely a major factor in moving LiveJournal from being "Brad and his extended friends" towards the end of its first year, into a much higher profile on the web. The hundreds of folks who followed Ana over included many other "camgals", and a whole slug of web artists.

A retrospective of LiveJournal would hardly be complete without including her!

Visit the BTRIPP home page!

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Agreed. Without Ana moving her bed over to Live Journal I would never have joined. =)

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