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Two comm's, & a saga
7rin adoption reunion chibi by maddmouse
7rin wrote in lj_turns10
ljers4eternity - created part as a follow-on reaction to the September 11th thang, and part because someone close lost someone close (see first post ever, here).

As for the saga, who can forget flashman, the death of whom - amongst (many) others - spawned fake_lj_deaths? If there's gotta be a single entry listed for this, then I think this one on ljers4eternity has it covered.

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Ha. Anyone remember the saga of Foxfire (who called himself Sky Callahan) and Camille (Firefly) back around the fall of 2000? Camille told stories about a childhood of abuse and readers fell for it (and her) left and right. Meanwhile, Foxfire was posting ridiculous photoshopped pictures of some anonymous model and claiming they were Camille. I can't remember whether she "died" as people started getting suspicious, but he did eventually confess. (And I don't know if the current user Foxfire is the same guy; his journal only goes back a few years.)

He'd probably claim it was an art project or social experiment.

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