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This is what LJ looked like in those first heady days
LJ Bring people one word gif
adman wrote in lj_turns10
Sorry I don't have time to post 5 faves right now, but I thought you all might like to see what it looked like around here 10 years ago..

No, it was not Day 1 but it was in the first few weeks
of the life of Live Journal.

Many, many thanks to Brad and his friends
for 10 years of
fun and friendships

Here it is...


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old LJ = no ads whatsoever = win.

this maxim looks perfect even without "old LJ" part.

Somehow I don't think you mean for a server 500 error which is what I get clicking on it :(

Ooo this is interesting thank you! I joined in early 2000 and it already looked quite different from that.

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