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The I <3th Darth Comic Adventures
T.O.P: hair
runfreebee wrote in lj_turns10

Whenever I think back to my earliest LJ days, this lj is the most outstanding one. I can not imagine a book about LJ not featuring this hilarious corner or the web. Millions of Star War fans, especially us girls of the fandom found it a breath of fresh air.
Even though the LJ maintainer stopped producing more adorable strips, I know that many people still visit it, using a lot of her artwork to make icons upon icons.

I think this LJ book is a brilliant idea!!!

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OMG! I lovvvveeeeed these.

^^ LOL!!!!!
See? So much love for harthdarth! Still going, nearly 4 years after its last day!

YES, somebody mentioned them! XD They were AMAZING!

I created my account basically for the iharthdarth comics :D

aw man I loved those so much...


Thanks! We are so excited about this book too! We cannot wait to put this collection of stories together to showcase our amazing LJ users.

I enjoyed reading over his excerpts.

My immortalization in Star Wars The Force Unleashed is a good one.

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