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Top 5 from the First 10
lj10mod wrote in lj_turns10
As we prepare LiveJournal's 10th Anniversary anthology (a gorgeous book that will be published this April, on our 10th birthday), we'd love your thoughts about what you think should go in the book.

The dream is for the book to be the first of many LJ anthologies. For this one, we'll be showcasing 100 of the funniest, most provocative/unique/LiveJournal-esque/moving/beautiful entries that have graced the LJ pages over the past 10 years.

But there are millions upon millions of fantastic entries, journals, and communities on LJ! Which is why we need your help sourcing your favorite entries over the past 10 years. Which ones still make you laugh or cry or arch your eyebrow, just thinking about them? Which ones make you especially proud to be an LJer?

Do share. And if you want to particularly challenge yourself (and get a sense of the magnitude of the task before us as we try to narrow it down to 100 entries for this first book), limit your responses to your top five favorite entries of all LJ time. The only guideline: the entries have to be user-generated, not reposted content from somewhere else. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll have plenty more book-related questions for you, as well as polls, quizzes, and the like, so stay tuned.

May be it will be interesting to include some geographical maps: changing LJ area by years and first dates when first user from the new countries appeared here.

That is a cool idea! We will definitely consider it. Thanks.

I recommend the Customers Suck "Fishsticks!" entry.

Specifically, this part:

So I was at Target the other day, doing some shopping. I made the mistake of wearing a red shirt. But I was also wearing jeans, flip-flops, and carrying my Bigass Purse of Doom, as well as being on my cell phone while I browsed. I didn't really look like I worked there.

I was standing in cosmetics, just looking at some eyeshadow and chatting to my friend, when this 40-ish soccer mom type grabs my goddamned arm.

"SHAMPOO!" she yells in my face.

I threw my arms up and yelled back "FISHSTICKS!"

She just stared at me, confused, and didn't say anything.

"I win!" I yelled, and skipped off.

Of course, that was fun to explain to my friend on the phone.

i just laughed so hard at that i almost peed my pants

In several years on LJ I've only ever bookmarked one post. It will no doubt provoke mixed reactions, but I still think it's one of, if not the loveliest post I've read.

Damn, you beat me to it by one minute :)

OK, now that my first choice has already been posted - if you are looking for laughs, don't forget choice cuts from metaquotes and ljdq

Agreed wholeheartedly. The Best-of-Metaquotes collection of links is one I go back to when I need a laugh or twelve.

This is not a top 5 posts thing.

This is an obscure way to celebrate your anniversary.

How about issuing a geocoin?
At the least it's a serially numbered coin that would commemorate your accomplishment.

And to some of us (members of geocaching) it'll have an even bigger impact!


Edited at 2009-02-05 09:25 pm (UTC)

I've always loved the following:

By tinywarrior about the reaction of a mother when someone calls her son a 'fag' entry

By ame_chan when OMGTIMCURRY visits the mall entry


By mrsveteran about a hilarious dad and charity gifts here

Edited at 2009-02-05 09:26 pm (UTC)

these are so good---thanks for pointing them out! this is exactly the kind of stuff we're looking for.

I'm writing a book too, I'll look around for good entries.

Absolutely include: http://catelin.livejournal.com/179683.html

Otherwise, my favorites are all locked. Sadness.

I had never read that before. Absolutely beautiful.

This is one that started quite a following back after the start of the Iraq war

I wish for peace


these are all good ones, thanks!

I don't have any links, but I'm hoping that someone out there might: It was a series of posts on one of those photography communities, and two users ended up meeting, falling in love, and ultimately getting engaged, chronicling the entire story using photos and posting them in that community. I've been searching my Memories for a link, but I can't find it at all.

I remember that! It was wonderful, marvelous, a match made in LJ. That really should be included.

Will there be a separate Russian book?

I'm guessing that no one's entry will be included without that person's permission, which may exclude some older entries whose authors have died or left LJ without updating their contact information.

I endorse searching metaquotes for good stuff. The LJ Idol stuff has an interesting range of writing too.

You are right. No author's work will be included in the book without their express permission. If we can't get a hold of the author, and can't get their permission, then we will skip using those in favor of others....

I absolutely agree that cleolinda should be in there!

While I don't know who made it, the picture I'm using is one of my favourites relating to LJ. It's just one of those things that only a user would understand! If anyone could let me know who made it, I'd really appreciate it!

This entry about "behavior modification camps" always stands out in my mind.