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shoebox sirius/lupin
octoberspirit wrote in lj_turns10
I think that the Shoebox Project ought to be in on this.


It was recently hacked, so the story itself is currently down for awhile, but ladyjaida  and dorkorific have an absolutely insane following. There's fanfiction, and then there's Shoebox.

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I am in total agreement with this.

I agree whole-heartedly *applauds the Shoebox Project* :D

The first thing I thought of when 'best lj entry' came up :D

I almost nominated this but didn't because it had been hacked. Thanks! It definitely deserves a mention.

SECONDED!!! Shoebox is *amazing*.

Agreed one bajillion INFINITY times over!

Yes, I am glad someone nominated it!

Yes omg!

(stupid hackers ;_;)

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