Spring Nights Forever (tallblue) wrote in lj_turns10,
Spring Nights Forever

LJ, CFKitty and Cyctic Fibrosis

I know that there are many meaningful journals, especially ones that journey into the end of life. And a lot of these are of young Lives.

Live Journal helped a girl deal with the struggles with growing up with a horrible illness called cystic fibrosis. There are many LJers who log on here who have the same battle.

cfkitty needed LJ to get her story out and she had been an inspiration to all who have come across her LJ. cfkitty's one dream was realized when she completed her life's journey and left us with her journal.

She dreamed about being a writer and her LJ was the greatest gift to her readers.

Although she is not here now, we as LJers have the gift of what she left us.

She truly loved Live Journal and helped other people suffering with illness through her LJ. I hope an entry from cfkitty is considered.

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