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Congrads LJ
rebekah1213 wrote in lj_turns10
I first got into LJ when I was still in high school and I really like it as it was extremely organized and allowed me to write about my day in a friendly and nojudgemental atmostphere. I had a Journal for several years and then I lost my e-mail account and then I got busy and lost my password. (I learned you write everything down, it helps.)
Then in college I made another account (http://becka1213.livejournal.com/ )
I have two other account beside this account as too many people on myspace complained over my blogs on that page.


I went back to this page as I enjoy the positive feedback, and freedom to post. Congrads on ten years LJ.

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Thanks! It's a great accomplishment for everyone involved--thanks for sticking around!

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