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Anniversary theme design contest!
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theljstaff wrote in lj_turns10

LiveJournal Theme Contest

Create a new theme based on the Minimalism style. The theme can be based on LiveJournal, LiveJournal's 10th anniversary, or LiveJournal's birthday, but it is not required - you may also choose any topic you're feeling inspired about.

Entries will be accepted from now until midnight on September 14th. A poll with all eligible entries will be posted that week and you'll be able to pick your favorite.

The top five voted themes will become available themes for all LiveJournal users and be included in the Featured Themes area through the end of the year, with the name (or username) of the creator.

The single top-voted of the winning 5 will become the default theme for all new users through the end of the year.

In addition to the top five themes via vote, staff will select one "staff's choice" as the 6th winning theme which will also become a Featured Theme. Here are the details:

1. Use Minimalism as a base style
2. Should work for all account types, with ads and without
3. Total size of background images should not exceed 512Kb
4. Should work in FF 3.0, Safari 3.1, IE 6, Opera 9.5 and newer browsers
5. Should be applied to all pages of the journal -- recent entries, single entry, friends, archive (day/month/year) and tags
6. All page navigation should be present (tags, post a comment, read comments, link, track, etc.)
6. You may create your theme using CSS, S2, images for backgrounds or headers, or any other way you wish; we will code the winning styles into S2 for you.
7. You may submit more than one design
8. You must own copyright to any images or graphics used (so original graphics or art are best)

To enter:
Make a new post in the lj_turns10 community (here) with the following:
- Screenshot of the latest journal entries page (500x800). It should only include the contents of the browser window, no address bar, frames, and/or buttons
- Link to test journal where theme is applied
- A brief description of your theme
- Links to any CSS, images, or other items used to create your theme

We can't wait to see what you create!

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I can't wait to see the new designs!

Happy 10th!!

cool sounds fun looking for some new people check out my journal

Where I can send my created post?

(Deleted comment)
You understand me right. I dream to change the decaration of my journal, so where to send?

Hello. At me questions:
1. Whether it is possible to present on competition only a design breadboard model? Without imposition.
2. Whether it is possible to participate a command from two persons? How then the authorship will be specified?

I am sorry for my English - I write through the translator.

If there are two people, one will need to be the primary submitter. We can credit both in the announcement of the theme and in other places, but for right now I think we're only able to credit one person in the actualy "Select Journal Style"/"Featured" page.

And the first question?

if it's a collaboration who do you credit? The one who codes, the one who designs, or both?

Whichever would like to be the primary point of contact. I've explained a little more over here.

no restriction on US-only applicants? this is new :)

So, just to make sure: Can I work with layers? Layout and theme layers? Or just CSS?

You can work with whatever you'd like, but all primary functions should be present (so the core layer and anything functional should stay as-is).

Groundhog Day in action. ;-)

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это все понятно. но почему бы именно этот конкурс было не пропиарить по-хорошему?

По причине тотальной лени и равнодушия организаторов. Ничего нового : )

How do we know that our entry has been submitted?


Any news about the contest ? Has it been cancelled ? I was curious to see new Minimalism themes...

Where are the chosen winners?

How valuable for me, believe that it will attract lot of people's love.by Air force one

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