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Birthday Wishes from Moby
lj10mod wrote in lj_turns10
Musician Moby was in Moscow recently as a stop on his latest tour and came by the LJ offices to extend his best birthday wishes. Check it out:

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Moby has a livejournal? He looks like he's being held at gunpoint there.

Ha, pretty much. His new album is good though.

Wow thats awesome!

Congrats LJ we ♥ you!

Моby заядлый жижист)))

lol he sound so robotic D:

Je veux de cette dépouille
De ce jus doux de fripouille,
Je veux, nous dit le docteur,
Tout ce qui fait son odeur !

Je veux entendre ses peurs
Essuyer ses pleurs, me dit
L’Avilamor le docteur.

ummm i totally got this like almost a whole year late....but thank you!!!!

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