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Favorite Fandoms
lj10mod wrote in lj_turns10
We're putting together a little featurette on fan fiction for the book and need some input from you, the fans. Whether you're into Twilight, Harry Potter, Supernatural, House MD slash, Doctor Who, or something else, what community do you go to for your favorite fan fiction?

For me, it's all about Doctor Who:


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please let there be more general dw fanfic communities be represented... I mean two Rose centric fanfic communities? Gross.

ETA: I mean three Rose centric communities. Triple gross.

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A couple of them have more than just fic, but those seem to be the ones that have regular postings in. I'm sure there are others for Torchwood, but I'm not a member of them or watching them.


(Deleted comment)

Re: Stargate Atlantis fandom

That newsletter impresses me so very much. It's on time, every single day, collating not just fic but art, updates, meta, evvvverything. Amazing.

Well, since no one else is suggeting it among the Doctor Who fans, how about doctor_donna There. This is one of the few places I got for fics


Awesome awesome awesome community, pretty much every single football fic ever written is there and they have a brilliant tag system so you can always find what you want because the football fandom is sort of huge with hundreds and hundreds of different players. Which is why I love it.

While I certainly agree that fanfic can probably be amazing, inspiring, and even fulfilling in its way, because I generally check LJ at work, I have to avoid most of it. Why? Because it most likely includes hot fictional men kissing other hot fictional (and even younger) men, and that premise wouldn't mesh well with my current management's philisophical, ideological, and IT-sanitary entrenchments. More's the pity for everyone.

I seriously believe that if all of those in my company could just handle a good non-discriminatory snog, revenues would be higher.

Looks like Merlin hasn't had a representive yet. Or Grey's Anatomy, Bones, and Criminal Minds. Or Robin Hood. Do I have lists. =B


I believe I have more on my LJ writing account, but that should be okay for now. =P

I find most of my fanfiction through "newsletter" communities - who_daily and ninth_wonders, for example. They provide a kind of directory for each day's fannish pursuits, including both community entries and recs (recommendations) from personal journals.

There are many large communities, and I love the newsletters - like csi_gazette - that catalogs the new fics and recs, but my favorite places for fic are the small communities where we all know each other and trade fics.

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And I second dwfiction.

I see a lot of DW and Torchwood fans! :P

Kingdom Hearts is my main fandom, but I don't really frequent the communities.

In DC comics fandom, I go to titans_together and batfic. There's also the newsletter monitor_duty and the archive dcfic_index.

I've more recently taken a peak into Heroes fandom via heroes_fic. I've noticed there seem to be a lot of Heroes communities, but I haven't really made sense of them and found favorites yet.

There are so many Heroes communities, it could take days to slog through them all. Just about every pairing possible (and there are many) have their own communities. My suggestion would be to start asking around, seeing where people crosspost pairings you like, and checking some of the larger communities' affiliates. Heroes is such a massive fandom, that's the best advice I can give you. It'll pay off, though, if you're willing to slog through a good amount of mediocre crap: there is a hell of a lot of amazing fic in the Heroes fandom, you just have to find it.