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an entry in consideration for the book
『regina spektor』tea
rosicrucian wrote in lj_turns10
I'd like to submit an entry for the LJ book! :)

As background, I work as a caretaker for an apartment complex. Our complex mostly deals with people who are mentally ill. Not everyone is, but even the ones who aren't are sort of loopy. Unfortunately, I also live in the ghetto, so my complex is also the target of a lot of crime.

Last fall, we had a gay couple move in. I was excited about it, since I'm a lesbian myself and I feel a bit alone in that aspect. But whoops, I had no idea what I was in for? I did have a better idea, however, after getting woken up at three in the morning by one of them screaming in the parking lot. While wearing rainbow hotpants. With a hot pink mohawk. It only got more worse from there. One of them deals drugs and the other one is always beating the hell out of people. One is a crossdresser and they are both heavily into the hip hop culture. I dubbed them "gay!niggas" in casual conversation, which perhaps isn't the most PC in the world, but at the time I didn't know how to describe it. The name stuck, and my friends oftentimes look forward to the sundry tales I can tell about their antics.

This is a big favorite of my friends. Basically, one time I had to do a rental inspection. The results were not pretty. You can read the tale here: http://rosicrucian.livejournal.com/1119394.html