Belenen (belenen) wrote in lj_turns10,

my favorite (public) posts by others & myself

LJ Idol: Current Events (Autism) by suesniffsglue
The children do understand by brightlotusmoon
Singing, moving with the divine by aurilion
Birthday -- promise to self by phoenixdreaming
Some New Things That Make Me Sad About Women by verviana
in love with everyone, awed at the beautiful intricacy of people / the stories we have to tell
Love & affection / how affection has waxed and waned in my relationship with my partner
concerning talking behind someone's back
the difference between openness and honesty
honesty/openness about pain vs. complaining
analysing = learning = reshaping knowledge to fit your own mindspace
what does 'having faith' mean to me? knowing&believing / the way I have faith
my beliefs on the parts of a person -- spirit, heart, soul, mind, and body
soulfriendship definition -- refined (like precious metal) [[[NWS for implied nude]]]

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