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Couples on LJ
oceansedge wrote in lj_turns10
A small but important part of LiveJournal over the last 10 years has been the number of couples who've met and fallen in love and married thanks to LiveJournal..

My husband and I met on LiveJournal in the spring of 2004 on our respective Friends Lists, later on that year we met for the first time in Portland. After a couple of trips to Australia he didn't pop the question on LiveJournal, but it was here we made the official announcement...


We were married on July 23rd, 2006. That was really the beginning of the story, not the end - he had to return to Australia and we had to process the immigration paperwork, there were still moments of heartache, but he made it to Canada, (and I finally figured out voice posting).

He found a home, I found a protector, we both found a lifelong mate.

And that's the whole story of how a middle aged bear from Australia met a middle aged single Mom cat from Northern Canada, fell in love, and got married, all thanks to LiveJournal.

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Wow... that's quite a story... *grins*. The funniest part: I met lilysnape on LJ and we married on... *drum roll* July 29th 2006!! Now we live in The Netherlands, Europe where lilysnape has moved to. There's not much in our LJs these days, though. I still have my account to stay in contact with those that I have met here, but I moved posting to our website. The weblog on the website does cross post to LJ, though. Add e_control to your friends list and let me know that you did. I'll make sure that you get to see the entries :)

By the way: I opened our website to keep my wife's family (and other friends) updated on what we do. My wife's family appreciates this and even though the Atlantic is between us, they say that they feel really connected to us.

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