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My Favorite Commnity
ljntm cycle 10, calli
minds_been_lost wrote in lj_turns10
I think that 1topmodel should have a page in the book.  For one thing, the competition is nearly 5 years old, with more than 100 applications received.  Another thing is that it's a live journal-based competition that set the foundation for competitions on other websites (but none have been as successful as LJNTM). 

Here is some background on the community.  1topmodel is the only community of it's kind.  It is Live Journal based America's Next Top Model simulation community that gives people (both male and female), from all around the world, a chance to improve their modeling and/or photography portfolios, discuss the show ANTM, and gain new friends in the process.  Not only that, it was the first community of this nature.  Founded in May of 2004, it got off to a very rocky start, but popularity finally picked up in October of 2005 (cycle 4).  Now in it's 14th cycle, it's still here despite all it's struggles. 

1topmodel, LJNTM modeling competition.
LJNTM Pics, where all of the portfolios are located.