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5 least likely to suck seed
zombiedisco101 wrote in lj_turns10
- news flash-forward ... lj to turn "old, web tart" of 10, and asks, powdering its wrinkled database: "Cyber mirror, on the wall, where're the best posts of them all?"

- member answers (humbly closing eyes, picking ran-dumbly)

"passing ships" - 2009-01-15 (50 words)
tags: fiction

"pyrotechnics and the indie-pen-dance ball" - 2008-07-04 (988 words)
tags: fiction

"the secret history of richard cheney's heart" - 2008-01-30 (735 words)
tags: fiction, politics

"ridley's donuts" - 2008-12-20 (225 words)
tags: fiction, writing juju

"a boy's letter to a new president" - 2009-01-19 (100 words)
tags: fiction, politics


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