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More recommendations

I thought that this entry would be fitting.

It was the first entry I made in this journal, and I expressed my intentions for this journal. It would be useful because in just a few various statements, it exemplifies some of the many uses that livejournal has for people: writing about their daily lives, writing professionally, or showing off works other than writing like art. It could be a neat little summary.

Some communities I'd like to mention:

letterstolovers - People here post love letters, whether hidden or sent repeatedly. Many people here submit powerful letters, and it's always fun to see the picture posts of the actual letters. It's worth looking into.

handmade_gifts - Recently featured in the livejournal spotlight, this community is all about anything handmade, whether it's sewn, glued, or painted. Everyone in this community is very helpful in providing suggestions, ideas, tutorials, and links to other resources. I wouldn't be surprised if this community has already been suggested, but I just thought some extra reiteration wouldn't hurt.

Hope that helps.

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