February 14th, 2009

Some entries I'd like to nominate for the LJ Book

 The following three entries were really important to me to post, and I thought they were not just fun to write, but fun to read.

First off there is the story of getting punched in the face while I was sleeping by my ex. Though you'd have to remove the PS as it's from a song:

Second is my comical fake personal ad. A sort of confession of everything right and wrong about me:

And finally this collection of short streams of consciousness I wrote to help myself relax one day when I was rather stressed:

Hope one of these makes it, and that anyone who reads them feels more human,
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saved by an angel

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When I started doing LJ I had just got a brand spanking new laptop which was all mine. While I was exploring the internet quite by accident I can across the community Time And Chips. As I was very ill at the time I was not able to go to school. Aty school I was bullied for liking Doctor Who amongst many things so when I found this community (and I had no idea LJ even existed then) I suddenly felt normal again. Normal and happy - I felt comfortable expressing my opinions knowing that I was with fellow fans who would not laugh at me. With this site I florished and now feel much more able to make friends. It may not sound like a big deal but when I joined Time and Chips I thought I was the only one who felt as strongly about Doctor Who, I felt like i was silly for liking it so much. With the help of this communtiy I learned that it wasn't me that had the problem it was them. They had the problem because they were the ones who couldn't accept that other people felt differently about something to how they did. This was the firt step to me regaining my confidence. By gaining the confidence to talk to people about Doctor Who on Time and Chips I felt more able to express my opinion about anything to anyone. LJ gave me the help I needed to regain my confidence.