February 13th, 2009

florida girls

Somewhat of an old-skooler hehe

I joined LJ in March 2002. Remember when we had to download and install a client before we could use Livejournal? Or when you had to be cool enough to know someone who already had a journal and would give you a spare code? So much better now!

So here are a few of my more memorable entries:




Can't wait to read the book!
scream, homer

i think it should be random

randomness is a sign of the recent times, in computer ways.

it would be really cool if the people behind LJ programmed a way to
randomly select a journal, o single journal entry, and nominate this
journal or entry as the winner.

it seems stupid at first. but LJ is an online community, as in, computers.
and computers are currently our best method for trying to make randomness
in an agreeable format (no two random minds agree 100%)... so why not
signify the the times of hackers, both good and bad, some of which have
clearly helped develop LJ and some of the journal authors themselves
then with randomness.

AND combine it with at least *somewhat* real world possibilties like
"random acts of kindness".

and i'm thinking the person selected might feel bad, like they dont deserve it
because it was random... but honestly, *I* challenge the LJ staff to make
a trully random selection, of which if the selected winner knows anything
about randomness, would understand it to be a true reward.

but these are just my 2 pennies. take them or leave them :)
Andrei in the office

Dare we mention the Los Angeles LiveJournal Bash?

I'm not sure that Hotel will ever be the same. Personally, it was amazing to meet so many different people and above all else sit down for a one-to-one chat with Brad about the technology. Seeing him absolutely reeling from the experience and adoption was a memory I will absolutely treasure.

This is the 2nd take on this post... I missed the all important link section -

The event took place over the weekend of March 21st, 2002.
So first off do not miss: the month's summary on laljbash

A couple of recaps:here, here, and here.

Any other memories on this event?
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Some favourite and special things...

You probably already thought about it, but well, wouldn't it be fun to include the entry with itemid=1?

Also, this one-liner might also be a funny mark in the history of LJ:

First poll ever:

Also, I think a page for the semagic client should be done, as it probably is the widest spread client and around since quite some time:

And I think lj_nifty deserves an own page or two or three, too. There have been many, many posts that show suprising little nifty things about livejournal, which are not always documented anywhere else and in between you find lots of fun little programs that somehow interact with your journal.

And because http://www.xkcd.com has a very large fanbase here on lj and because it simply fits, you should really, really, really include this comic:

10 Years...Memories...Posts...Etc.

I started off on LJ in a desperate desire to join this community (for the record, I didn't end up joining; I kind of forgot about it.) and then started up my actual journal about a year later. Ever since then, I have fallen in love with LJ, for it's exactly what I needed to vent my feelings on life and express my story (life story and book-story) to the world.
Here's some entries for the book:

Godzilla - gilmorelover.livejournal.com/1134.html
Daleks On Holiday - gilmorelover.livejournal.com/1282.html
Down With The Unimplied Fries! - gilmorelover.livejournal.com/3407.html
More Pet Peeves! YAY! - gilmorelover.livejournal.com/18460.html
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