February 6th, 2009

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LJ, CFKitty and Cyctic Fibrosis

I know that there are many meaningful journals, especially ones that journey into the end of life. And a lot of these are of young Lives.

Live Journal helped a girl deal with the struggles with growing up with a horrible illness called cystic fibrosis. There are many LJers who log on here who have the same battle.

cfkitty needed LJ to get her story out and she had been an inspiration to all who have come across her LJ. cfkitty's one dream was realized when she completed her life's journey and left us with her journal.

She dreamed about being a writer and her LJ was the greatest gift to her readers.

Although she is not here now, we as LJers have the gift of what she left us.

She truly loved Live Journal and helped other people suffering with illness through her LJ. I hope an entry from cfkitty is considered.

Rue's Top Five Favorite LJ Entries

I did have to check my memories for this, and I'm probably breaking the rules, but:

1. Not a single entry, but participating in the whole NaNoWriMo madness last year in lj_nanowrimo was an awesome experience that I'll never forget.
2. The entry in which I realize that I don't like people to use my name.
3. magdalene1's lovely entry on what you wish.
4. ursulav's explanation of why she disagrees with the death penalty.
5. An entry in which I realize how I relate to people.
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There are scads of great entries, but the real problem I'm having is figuring out how to submit entire users. LJ has been a repository of my random thoughts and ramblings for coming up on 8 years (and looking at the early days I'm surprised I didn't forget about it, like I did so many other endeavors!) but what made it really remarkable, especially in those early formative years, was that I was bumping into interesting people around every corner.

So in the collaborative spirit of the LJ pioneers: any suggestions?
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(no subject)

I'm going to link one of mine, which became a big post in the UK and US after the London bombings on 7/7 2005. I collected Londoners' quotes about the bombings, and it made the papers, and Snopes. I really wish I'd attributed them all to the LJers at the time, but I originally meant it to be for my flist of less than 100 people!

It's the one which showed me how great LJ is at bringing together hundreds of strangers, and how much international spirit there is on here.

Congrads LJ

I first got into LJ when I was still in high school and I really like it as it was extremely organized and allowed me to write about my day in a friendly and nojudgemental atmostphere. I had a Journal for several years and then I lost my e-mail account and then I got busy and lost my password. (I learned you write everything down, it helps.)
Then in college I made another account (http://becka1213.livejournal.com/ )
I have two other account beside this account as too many people on myspace complained over my blogs on that page.


I went back to this page as I enjoy the positive feedback, and freedom to post. Congrads on ten years LJ.


My 2 most memorable moments

Of all the entries I dutifully recorded on LJ, these two stand out as moments where LJ had a true impact on me:

Oct. 22, 2008: I took a "No on Proposition 8" sign to a "Yes on 8" rally. The resultant LJ post about it was reposted around the internet and turned into my proudest moment.

April 7, 2005: I announced that I'd be having gastric bypass surgery in June of that year. This was the first of multiple posts about my surgery and recovery. The support from my LJ friends was immeasurable.
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This is what LJ looked like in those first heady days

Sorry I don't have time to post 5 faves right now, but I thought you all might like to see what it looked like around here 10 years ago..

No, it was not Day 1 but it was in the first few weeks
of the life of Live Journal.

Many, many thanks to Brad and his friends
for 10 years of
fun and friendships

Here it is...

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I think if there were to be a book written of the most memorable entries on LJ in the past 10 years all the anti-(insert horrible pop/punk artist) communities cannot go without mention, especially one of the more active ones, anti_avril.

This community was fueled by a mutual distaste for the "punk artist", as the more "literate" music lovers of LJ found her get-up an insult to what punk represented. So, of course, the nature of the posts depicted proof of how fake she was, a ridiculous close-up, or whatever else was amusing in a negative light. It attracted plenty of people who all thought Avril was God or whatever. Needless to say, there was all sorts of interesting/amusing arguments. The community was compelling really! It was fun, and I met a lot of my LJ friends on there.

Unfortunately, eventually the posts became full of nonsense and the community maintainers shut it down, but the fans of it did open a new community, xantixavrilx. It's definitely not as active, (probably because the spotlight has definitely shrank on the pop star) but it keeps the memory of the original community somewhat alive.

5 least likely to suck seed

- news flash-forward ... lj to turn "old, web tart" of 10, and asks, powdering its wrinkled database: "Cyber mirror, on the wall, where're the best posts of them all?"

- member answers (humbly closing eyes, picking ran-dumbly)

"passing ships" - 2009-01-15 (50 words)
tags: fiction

"pyrotechnics and the indie-pen-dance ball" - 2008-07-04 (988 words)
tags: fiction

"the secret history of richard cheney's heart" - 2008-01-30 (735 words)
tags: fiction, politics

"ridley's donuts" - 2008-12-20 (225 words)
tags: fiction, writing juju

"a boy's letter to a new president" - 2009-01-19 (100 words)
tags: fiction, politics
T.O.P: hair

The I <3th Darth Comic Adventures

Whenever I think back to my earliest LJ days, this lj is the most outstanding one. I can not imagine a book about LJ not featuring this hilarious corner or the web. Millions of Star War fans, especially us girls of the fandom found it a breath of fresh air.
Even though the LJ maintainer stopped producing more adorable strips, I know that many people still visit it, using a lot of her artwork to make icons upon icons.

I think this LJ book is a brilliant idea!!!
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