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Lapland in a Smart Car
mskirsty wrote in lj_turns10
I think the most memorable set of entries I've blogged about was when I accompanied a friend in her tiny Smart Car as she drove from London, UK to Rovaniemi, Finland and back during the European Summer Heatwave of July/August 2003. I don't drive so she drove the whole way and it was a fun-filled 6573 kilometre round-trip that took fifteen days. In Northern Sweden and Finland many people were puzzled as it was the first time they had seen a two-seater car like that.

I kept a good record of the journey - including petrol fill-ups and camcorder footage - unfortunately the later was on Hi-8 tapes and I haven't yet worked out how to transfer them to digital medium. When I do I will edit them and upload the highlights onto youtube.

I posted the entries after the event but to read the entries in order got to:
and work forward by pressing the 'next day' link.

Alternatively the entries appear 'backwards if you follow this tagged link:

More recent I've made inter-railing trips from London to Finland and Estonia and I've also blogged about travelling around Western USA so I've attached links to those too in case they are of interest.


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