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Our Way of Saying Thanks
lj10mod wrote in lj_turns10
As a thank-you for their contributions, all the authors of entries chosen for the book will receive a $20 LJ gift certificate (that's a year's worth of Paid Account time or 2 years' worth of userpic add-ons!). And in recognition of all the good ideas we've gotten this community, we'll give you a $5 LJ gift certificate (that's 2 months' worth of Paid Account time) if you suggest an entry that makes it into the book. In cases where we receive multiple suggestions for an entry, the gift certificate goes to the first suggestion. And what if you suggest an entry that gets chosen for the book and you happen to be the author of that entry? Then we'll give you a $20 and a $5 LJ gift certificate, for a grand total of $25, to spend as you wish in the Gift Shop.

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I don't know if you're still taking entire journal entries, but I just found out about this.

My LJ was started right when I was beginning the process of moving to L.A. to pursue an acting/modeling career. Over 7 years later, I'm not a supermodel or walking the red carpet at the Oscars on Sunday, but I have made progress and it's all been chronicled on lj...the up/downs, high/lows, personal/professional milestones, what it's really like to pursue something like this when you're from a small-town in Ohio where no one leaves the county. It's not get off the bus, walk down the sidewalk and be a movie star. 165 loyal readers (more if you include those who read via facebook) are onto something.


A LiveJournal Nomination

I haven't really used my account that much, although I will now.... I am nominating an account of someone who is going through treatment for fourth stage lung cancer (a non-smoker!). I have NOT asked him if I can nominate his journal, so you make have to ask his permission...He is a Catholic priest in the city of St. Louis who has worked with the poor his whole priestly life. All of his parishioners are concerned about the cancer treatments and how he is progressing and one of his friends got him a laptop and set up an account on LiveJournal so we can all hear how he is doing, continue to pray for him and leave uplighting comments. It has been a wonderful resource for keeping all of his parishioners and friends informed without being invasive of his privacy...Here is his url: http://frgerry.livejournal.com
Thanks LiveJournal!!!!
Helen Petropoulos

I'm just a normal person who does go through a lot, like anyone. You can look through mine if you would like.

The day I meet President Clinton

I would like to share the day I meet President Clinton as my entry.

Are you having chapters around special events, say a chapter for people who lived in New York City on 9/11? I have been on lj since 2003, and portions of my journal were used in my divorce case and as evidence in my disability hearing. As my body gets weaker, my lj becomes my outlet to the world.


Hey there

I'd like to send you an entry or two from my recent LJ postings.
1) How do I do it?!!

2} Can I send a posting from one of my community postings? Or is it only 'normal' LJ postings?

I love, love love Live Journal, and am delighted you're doing this. The book should make for very interesting reading!



Re: The LJ Birthday Book

Thanks! We're excited about the book, too. If you post links to specific entries before tomorrow's deadline, we'll read them and consider them for the book.


Welcome to personal contact.

I would like to recommend this entry, since you said you were looking for recent ones: http://beautifuldorian.livejournal.com/221991.html

That's all.

Получила ваше предложение прислать свой рассказ. У меня нет рассказов на английском языке. На русском можно прислать, но куда? дайте ссылочку, я "чайник" Мне надо все разъяснить и по русски.

Except that you can't be on the outs with the clique of ferrell/markf, abe/burr86, or denisep/rahaeli/synecdochic, which will be cause for automatic rejection regardless of quality. Conversely, being friends with this group will enhance the chances of acceptance of mediocre work in the same way.

This isn't an honest contest, and won't be as long as these people are in charge.

P. S.: I posted earlier in this thread about this; it was screened. No doubt this comment will be screened or deleted presently as well. My expression of the validity of my experience is not allowed even though it has existed for almost six years, and through two changes of ownership, for a total of three separate corporate owners of LiveJournal. The relevant part of the management has remained the same regardless of the ownership, and the favoritism with it.

Frankly, I believe that even if I posted work worthy of a Nebula or Edgar award it would be denied here, and I don't think I'm the only person to think that way about LJ management and its cliquishness -- I may be the only one foolish enough to post about it here, however, so I may be subjected to further penalty as a result.

But someone has to speak up.

Uh. You do realize that I quit LJ a year and a half ago and Abe stayed with Six Apart at the time of the acquisition by SUP instead of staying with LJ, right? The paranoia works a tidge better if it's backed by fact.

Yes, I knew from the time you left that you were no longer an LJ employee; didn't know about abe/burr86's status, though, as he didn't make a big public announcement as you did. Six Apart's loss is LiveJournal's gain, at least in theory.

Thing is, the corruption you enabled is still in place: recent interactions with the Abuse Team indicate nothing has changed with regard to bias for your buddies and against those your buddies bully, so while it's no doubt fun for you to throw words like "paranoia" around, the fact is people who you dislike don't get disinterested treatment, regardless of your employment or not.

Wow. Apparently my mind control powers are better than I thought they were!

Nothing so esoteric or imaginary. All it would take, just to speculate an example, would be a notation at the head of an Abuse Team complaint file to the effect of "This guy deserves what he gets, and investigating his complaint is a waste of your time. Official policy is to tell him 'no' and go on to something else."

Whether that's it or it's just something similar, a note from a boss or former boss like that is all it takes with an already harried and overworked team of volunteers to make sure that justice is not done, and will never be done...as you know.

That this sort of bias would extend to judging quality of submissions is an extrapolation on my part, but consistent with other staff and volunteer actions.

The paranoia works a tidge better if it's backed by fact.
I disagree. If paranoia can be defined as "an extreme, irrational distrust of others" as I have seen it defined, then paranoia in truth works best when not backed by fact, for if it were backed by fact it would be less likely to be irrational.

I suspect there may be an strong argument that can be made that paranoia does not work, or perhaps said better that paranoia is unemployable...as an persuasive argument.

For my wife,I am bying a tin of Heinz Beans as today is our 57th wedding aniverary.Will she pleased.?

LJ turns 10 book entry nomination - Obama campaigns in Iowa

I would like to nominate my LJ post from January 2, 2008.

My LJ is a journal of drawings. I was following the presidential campaign and drawing at campaign events prior to the Iowa Caucuses where Barack Obama had his first big win, making his candidacy viable. Michelle Obama signed one of my drawings. In the period from mid-December 2007 to early January 2008, I posted many drawings that I made of Democratic party candidates and the crowds.

I have had it since around 2002, I think. Some particular entries of note include entries after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and the written account of the experience, which may be too long for your book, but you could possibly just include an excerpt. In any event, you are welcome to look. I have un-locked several of the entries.

For ten years individual entries of thought, expression and written speech have graced "Live Journal." Individually, journal posts can be compared to grains of sand that dance their way from one end to the opposite end of a specifically designed glass tube called an "hour glass" when its turned upside down repeatedly. Sand may have laid on a beach for over two hundred years or on the bottom of an ocean for thousands of years before it was scooped up, poured into specially designed glass tubing and used as an hour glass. As an element of nature sand was created for a whole other purpose. Mankind however came up with his own useful idea for grains of sand as a way to count or measure time. For ten years journal posts at "Live Journal" can be paralleled to grains of sand. Each article was written by its own author and then added to the website as a publication. Each one a unique piece of written expression and art just as the many shapes, colors, types and variations of sand within the world. The day that the Constitution of the United States of America was signed by our forefathers, the windows of opportunity opened for all mankind to freely express themselves in speech. "Live Journal" is a product conceived as a direct result of the Constitution of the United States of America. At first it was only one person's idea but then that idea became a living reality the day "Live Journal" was first published on the internet. This is one of the reasons for the name "Live Journal". Again drawing a parallel to sand. Each posting exhibits its own individuality and personality. That is exactly what drew this author to Live Journal. The Constitutional given opportunity to write about a young girl named Natalee Holloway. Natalee is a victim to crime cost the loss of her freedom at the hands of evil kidnappers on Aruba. Another story connected to "sand" and "time". In time there shall be no more use for sites such as "Live Journal" since freedom of speech and expression will have ended with the loss of freedom. One day the hour glass will break and shatter. This will happen exactly on the same day that the United States Constitution comes to a screeching halt as it shatters into oblivion. We don't know the day, time or hour. Perhaps that day too shall come like a thief in the night. America needs to prepare because the day quickly approaches. So how long is the hour glass to run for freedom of speech before the US Constitution tumbles into the archieves of history? As "Live Journal" turns ten we must examine this thought. At the same moment in time we also must rejoice and be thankful for this amazing time in history. When freedom using the expression of speech along with publication at sites such as "Live Journal" are a God given opportunity. As God is removed from the Constitution of the United States of America we come one step closer to losing great sites such as "Live Journal". The "Live Journal" website is a monumental milestone reflecting internet freedom of speech. There is no other way on earth for a writer to write and article, post it in his or her journal and for it to be published in countries around the world in a matter of seconds. Live Journal has been there for all of us writers and readers now for ten great years. The greatest challenge yet I believe lies on the horizonal future for not only "Live Journal" but all of the freedoms we currently have in speech and its publication. As long as the Constitution is the law of the American land "Live Journal" can remain "as is". But how will "Live Journal" weather Marxism, Socialism, and Communism? With the end of constitutional rights, taken along with them sadly will be the freedom of expression. I sincerely hope that such a grand website such as "Live Journal" would not ever allow themselves to become controlled government propaganda. Martial law and censorhip and their affects on freedoms are to become major obstacles. Happy Birthday "Live Journal", "thanks" for the dance. It is with great hope that there are many more "dances" to come. Hopefully not a dance to a different beat or drummer. Just pure unaltered freedom of speech. We must keep God first and foremost.

This might be redundant but I really think ohnotheydidnt needs a section of the book all for themselves, it's the first community that broke the record of comments allowed, ever and has 'broken' LJ's bandwidth a couple of times.

Every have the morning you wake up and can't remember anything. Then you start to have flashbacks at the most inappropriate time.


Sorry for my slowness, but what exactly is it your saying?

Book instead of 20 Dollar

I think people who contribute should get a copy of the book instead of 20 bucks.

Also, I think it's not really nice to say 'thats a year worth of paid account', as $20 is just a year worth of paid account time if you have a renewing thing set up.

Just my 2 cent.

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