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Last Call for Entry Suggestions!
lj10mod wrote in lj_turns10
We're closing in on a rough table of contents for the book and this is the last week for open entry suggestions. 11:59 p.m. PST on February 25 is your last chance to suggest any and every excellent entry (remember that entries should be the author's original content and written in English). Things we're particularly interested in: entries from individual journals (it doesn't have to be your own); entries from the early years (1999–2000); and entries from the very, very recent past (i.e. 2007 and 2008).

Not sure if this one has been suggested yet:

This entry comparing pictures of Christian Bale to Kermit the Frog is the most amusing thing I've seen in a very long time: Kermit Bale by Ferdalump on ontd!


- A writer's block entry,a short but to the point answer about how I feel to this day.



An entry I really enjoyed writing. I mean, that's what you call letting your creative juices go wild, isn't it?

I don't know if this one has been suggested, but, please bring back the option of doing surveys in return for an LJ gift certificate? I have done them in the past, but I no longer see those as an option.

Ok, these are some of the journal entries I'm especially proud of. Last year, I undertook to analyse 26 random topics, based on each letter of the alphabet. They extend from the controversial and important-such as Abortion and Barack Obama, to the more trivial, such as Officer Jenny from the Pokémon TV show. But in a way, I think that's what LJ should be like: striking a balance between fun and seriousness.
Because that's what what life should be like.
I never actually finished all 26, but I do like what I've written. Here are some..


These are my thoughts on alcohol:


And lastly, this "tribute post" I wrote for my friend on her birthday, who LJ helped me to understand so much better:


Fandom and Male Privilege

Why being into cats is essentially the same as being into psychotic tweakers.

I have a post I made from going to a caucus in 2008. It's probably the most heartfelt thing I've written in a long time, and I would be honored if it were chosen.


There's the link. It's about a prejudice that's overt and covert at the same time.

tongodeon's bet, waterboarding

Some of tongodeon's posts have been memorable for me.

His post about waterboarding helped me understand this torture technique when it was being talked about in the media.

His bet about whether furry culture will enter the mainstream, and subsequent posts about him losing the bet have been very entertaining.

A memorable moment was the first annual Livejournal Rabbit Hole Day, January 27, 2005. I participated in that, and enjoyed reading the entries of the other participants.


Probably not the first time an entry like this has been suggested, but LJ was crucial to me and my friends in the days after Hurricane Katrina. No cellphones with the New Orleans 504 area code were working, and many of us were out of touch for several days following the storm. Personally, this was my first contact with anyone from back home after evacuating the city. One sentence, but it meant the world at the time.

I haven't written anything worthy, here is an entry that deserves to be read by the world: On the Soapbox About Rape