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Last Call for Entry Suggestions!
lj10mod wrote in lj_turns10
We're closing in on a rough table of contents for the book and this is the last week for open entry suggestions. 11:59 p.m. PST on February 25 is your last chance to suggest any and every excellent entry (remember that entries should be the author's original content and written in English). Things we're particularly interested in: entries from individual journals (it doesn't have to be your own); entries from the early years (1999–2000); and entries from the very, very recent past (i.e. 2007 and 2008).

There are a couple of mine you're welcome to look at - all personal experiences, some of which include reflections on wider life. This is all from a UK perspective.

http://cymruangel.livejournal.com/245516.html - Salsa - reflections on when a dance is a BAD dance or conversely http://cymruangel.livejournal.com/233900.html - the joys of a good salsa night.

http://cymruangel.livejournal.com/222575.html - Freedom of speech riots in Oxford (Leader of the BNP and a Holocaust denier are invited to speak at a Freedom of Speech debate at the Oxford Union)

http://cymruangel.livejournal.com/221020.html - Remembrance Sunday/ Armistice Day 2007

Several people who read my journal have suggested that I submit some stories, so I guess I'll give in to peer pressure and just do it.

I joined LJ in 2001, so I doubt any of my earlier ramblings will qualify for your "Early Years" category. But in 2003 I began working as an EMT for FDNY (I am now a Paramedic), and since then have had many hilarious and/or tragic on-the-job experiences that I write about. Here are a few that I think are interesting:

Seventh Floor

Don't Ask

Note to Self

Subject: Wisdom

"Hey, it could be worse. You could have ended up in the refrigerator."

Jamaican Me Crazy

Sisterhood of the Missing Pants

If you think these suck but find something else you like, feel free to use it. I have no shame.


Not the greatest, but a Few of my Favourites from My Personal Journal:

Just a Little Story about being 'Stuck' late at night:


A Young Filipino Youth being Killed just after New Year's 2008:


A Little on the Escalation of Gang Violence in The Lowermainland of British Columbia, Canada:


Thank you so much for your consideration.

Loves & Huggles,

PS.: I figured out how to use the Links and it's fun! :O)

Thanks for sharing these! If you'd like them to be considered for the book, please unlock them and repost before the deadline.

My Fellow Joe Six Packs


This is an excellent essay on what Sarah Palin was inferring about average Americans.

While the original post that sparked it no longer exists, there really ought to be a section on the "no pity, no shame, no silence" event (I refuse to call it a meme). So much good was done for so many people living with shame and guilt for something that was by definition not their fault or responsibility. It made me immensely proud of livejournal as a community.

referenced here:

On falling in love again after grieving a lost partner (July 2008):


A New Year's wish written shortly after being left by my (ex-)husband because, he said, "we're not the same people we were ten years ago" (January 2008):


Thank you for reading.

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Falling in love with a GPS:



Spiritual story of a hummingbird rescue:


Edited at 2009-02-25 12:28 am (UTC)

The only public entry in my journal: http://helianthas.livejournal.com/2010/09/20/ <-- Second cartoon down, which is from here: http://xkcd.com/77/

It's the quintessential thought of the addicted LJ'er

This entry : The Broken Heart
It is my own entry, posted in my own journal

Thanks Before..^^

The KnittedHobbits : )

I absolutely love all of the photo-story posts that KnittedMerry makes on his lj - http://knittedmerry.livejournal.com/ The posts are so clever and witty; absolutely hilarious and the photos are fantastic! KnittedMerry's responses to peoples' comments are just as great as the photo-stories themselves!

It’s so hard to choose just one memorable entry as they are all really terrific in my opinion, but one of my favourites is called KnittedPippin’s Adventures In The Snow and this is the link: http://knittedmerry.livejournal.com/15426.html#cutid1

Another favourite is their shooting of the Knitted version of Lord of the Rings II, which is here: http://knittedmerry.livejournal.com/1990.html#cutid1

Hopefully the LJ Book will have some lighter posts in addition to serious ones and I think that including the KnittedHobbits would be a wonderful way to show how lj can be used as a multi-media vehicle to tell stories encompassing the visual as well as the written word.

check out user christ-the-lord

very funny and very well done.