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Last Call for Entry Suggestions!
lj10mod wrote in lj_turns10
We're closing in on a rough table of contents for the book and this is the last week for open entry suggestions. 11:59 p.m. PST on February 25 is your last chance to suggest any and every excellent entry (remember that entries should be the author's original content and written in English). Things we're particularly interested in: entries from individual journals (it doesn't have to be your own); entries from the early years (1999–2000); and entries from the very, very recent past (i.e. 2007 and 2008).

I would like to nominate bravecows entry here for sheer beautifulness and poetry.


Just re-discovered this. My experiences of the tragedy at Columbine and the aftermath, posted 5 years after. It wasn't my school, but it was my community, my friends. I think I needed to put everything down.


I did want to nominate something funny (Alas, kenthar deleted his lj... His posts were hilarious.), but I think this post was one of my more impactful.

table of contents or cover page of birthday book

quote reads as follows for title page? or in contents?

When You Were Born,You Cried.
And The World Rejoiced...
Live Your Life In Such a Manner.
That When You Die..
The World Cries,...And You Rejoice.
-Ancient Indian Proverb-

or maybe inspiration contents like:

Contents Makes Poor Men Rich;
Discontent Makes Rich Men Poor.
-Benjamin Franklin


This is the livejournal of a very intelligent and gifted man who passed away from cancer. While I didn't know him personally, his writings and life story touched me deeply.


Just about my love for my CD collection the the thought process behind its organization



These were two entries that I did for the Brigits Flame community, and the very two that I enjoyed the most.

Well. I took a look through these 12 pages. I was like "WWOWWW" 0_0
People do have so much nice things to write about. I admire that, the touched stories, the memorable quotes. I'm sure the LJ book will be def. AWESOME! (:
I want to contribute some too, eventhough the entries were just the random things of my life. But i just want to contribute, that's all. The entries are veryyyy random.
I wish this project a best luck!

http://piemin.livejournal.com/7645.html#cutid1 (6. October. 2008)
http://piemin.livejournal.com/10801.html#cutid1 (20. November. 2008)
http://piemin.livejournal.com/13542.html#cutid2 (3. January. 2009)

<333, Pie.

Thanks! We're excited about all the great entries we've read, too.

If you want these entries to be considered, please unlock and repost before the deadline.

Personal statement for entry to university, probably the biggest life changing event I've shared on my lj.

Or the Plain Jane rant.

Edited at 2009-02-24 02:56 pm (UTC)

Being Narcissistic Here

This is pretty much the post that helped me win the first LJ Idol. It's about what happens when you combine sleep deprivation, sinfully strong coffee, and Johnny Cash. There are some questionable words in the post and you can edit those out if you want to use the post for the book. I'd be very honoured if you choose it:

The Redeye Grande

If that doesn't work, here's the raw URL: http://tinhuviel.livejournal.com/1088602.html


While I would be flattered if you liked any of my unlocked entries, here are some of my favorites:

Funny Ones:
Can I get a Witness?: http://neanahe.livejournal.com/124754.html
Blessings: http://neanahe.livejournal.com/120675.html
Slipping Into the Boys Room: http://neanahe.livejournal.com/112623.html
The Arrest: http://neanahe.livejournal.com/59552

Sad/Touching Ones:
Phone Call From Heaven: http://neanahe.livejournal.com/114548.html
DVD From Jesus: http://neanahe.livejournal.com/65620.html
Trick, No Treats: http://neanahe.livejournal.com/136567.html

Just Nice:
Harvest: http://neanahe.livejournal.com/65620.html

Entries about the paradigms of LiveJournal

Well, this seems like a cool idea. At the risk of sounding conceited, I humbly submit for your consideration these entries I wrote about the character of LJ:

Enjoying Livejournal: What to expect, how to react - http://skreyola.livejournal.com/174589.html
What is this?: On the basic nature of LJ - http://skreyola.livejournal.com/84798.html
This journal is not friends-only: Regarding the single-public-entry journals - http://skreyola.livejournal.com/79375.html
LiveJournal as a social construct, Internet as a medium of relational connection: On what LJ is and its place among other Internet structures - http://skreyola.livejournal.com/96250.html

LJ has been wonderful the eight years I've been here. I have done quite a bit of struggling to understand LiveJournal's place in my life, which is why I wrote so many entries about it. The benefit and the problem of LJ is very similar to the benefit and the problem of Linux: It is so many things to so many people, and so many people use it in so many different functions, that it's hard to pin down what it is supposed to be to you. Well, here's to the next ten years of LJ! Na zdrowie!

There are a couple of mine you're welcome to look at - all personal experiences, some of which include reflections on wider life. This is all from a UK perspective.

http://cymruangel.livejournal.com/245516.html - Salsa - reflections on when a dance is a BAD dance or conversely http://cymruangel.livejournal.com/233900.html - the joys of a good salsa night.

http://cymruangel.livejournal.com/222575.html - Freedom of speech riots in Oxford (Leader of the BNP and a Holocaust denier are invited to speak at a Freedom of Speech debate at the Oxford Union)

http://cymruangel.livejournal.com/221020.html - Remembrance Sunday/ Armistice Day 2007