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Last Call for Entry Suggestions!
lj10mod wrote in lj_turns10
We're closing in on a rough table of contents for the book and this is the last week for open entry suggestions. 11:59 p.m. PST on February 25 is your last chance to suggest any and every excellent entry (remember that entries should be the author's original content and written in English). Things we're particularly interested in: entries from individual journals (it doesn't have to be your own); entries from the early years (1999–2000); and entries from the very, very recent past (i.e. 2007 and 2008).


I suggest my entry on my volunteering time in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.


you can use anything from my lj

i started it in 2001

This entry: It's About Choice, which I wrote for the competition in therealljidol in June, 2007. It is my own entry, posted in my own journal.

I'd like to suggest these four entries from my journal, dealing with a case of child abuse that I was tangentially involved in:


Also, this entry on Black Friday (the Day after Thanksgiving Sales):


It eventually took on a life of its own.


Stop whining. Just find another boyfriend, I'm sure he'll be just as good as your last one.

Re: It eventually took on a life of its own.


omg I haven't seen that in years!

Thanks for sharing these--please make sure to mark your entries "public" if you want them considered for the book.

How about http://jmaynard.livejournal.com/104666.html , my entry on suddenly becoming an Internet phenomenon? Or, as a second choice, http://jmaynard.livejournal.com/102879.html , my description of the costume's debut and the reaction to it.


An open letter to white people about race and the people that embody it. It's tl;dr, but it sparked a lot of discussion all over lj (also cross posted to AP_Racism and Blackfolk, and others) and off. Thanks!

Ok...totally not in the league of other suggestions...but, needed i think (or it could already exist, and I'm just clueless....but, a LJ 101 would be good....a how to of sorts ... etc.

Add a search engine so we can search our journals. I'd pay extra for it.


I wrote a script for a competition, and it won 2nd place. I thought that if I was gonna suggest something it would be my script. It's a 'Supernatural' story called Black Death. I hope it's okay that I suggested this one :)
You can find it here: