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Favorite Community - the Shoebox Project
BCS - Kim Wexler
shoebox_addict wrote in lj_turns10
I would like to mention "Shoebox Project" as a candidate for one of my favorite communities. As you can see by my username, the Shoebox Project has had a huge impact one me and it was, in fact, the whole reason why I created an account here on LiveJournal. I consider the Shoebox Project to be the best Harry Potter fanfic out there. The writing style is sophisticated and witty, and they have the characterization down to a tee. Since Harry Potter in and of itself was, I think, a huge part of the growth of LiveJournal, it would only be fair to recognize this fic community that gathered so many followers over the years. It provided all of us Potters fans with something else to turn to when there were no book releases and I often read it now that the series has been finished. Shoebox is the whole reason I have the great friends on here that I do. If I hadn't found Shoebox, I would not have found LiveJournal and then I would not have found my wonderful, wonderful flist. LJ has been very important to me throughout my life and I'd like to wish it a Happy Tenth Anniversary!

Note: Shoebox Project (http://community.livejournal.com/shoebox_project) has recently been hacked. I hope this does not count against its being honored as one of our favorite communities.

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i agree! The Shoebox Project is definitely my favorite community on LJ.

YAY! Another Shoebox fan! :D

I second this nomination. Great idea! :D

Awesome, thank you! I'm glad that I'm not the only one to love the Shoebox! <3

Oh, definitely! I heartily agree :D

Yay! Another supporter, thanks! :D

Is the shoebox project finished? Or is it a work in progress?

Um...I don't think it's been officially finished, but the two authors seem to have taken on personal creative projects now ( I know that Jaida Jones is a published author now ) and the account was hacked a few months ago. But there are still fans around!

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