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(no subject)
gringo_in_tj wrote in lj_turns10
I've been around here for a while, using this Live Journal. I'm user number 1,922. This doesn't qualify me as any more of an expert than someone who started a journal last week, but I can provide you with a little bit of perspective into what this was like ten years ago. Ten years ago, there wasn't any MySpace, or any other place in the cyberworld for social networking save for IRC or the occasional forum. Live Journal started out as more of a social network than anything else. There wasn't a whole lot of actual writing, so I would be surprised if very much of your anthology will contain anything very entertaining from the first few years here.

After a few years, the excitement of sharing what you had for lunch with all of your internet friends sort of wore off. Many people began to write. I think that this is when Live Journal became entertaining. There are quite a few very good writers here, and I hope that a good portion of your anthology contains some of their stories. I'll come back later and offer up five of some of my friends' entries that I find particularly good, presuming that they agree to allow you to consider them for publication.

And if you would like, feel free to use one of mine – people on my friend's list particularly enjoyed these:

Cisco Kid
Day Of The Crow
Rubber Hose
Drinking With Jumbo
Bad Encounter