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Why do you LJ?
lj10mod wrote in lj_turns10
Hey everyone! Thanks for continuing to post your favorite entries. We're having a great time reading them all.

We're also thinking of including some short quotes from various LJers about why they LJ. If you'd like your quote to be considered for the book, send us 50 words or less about what LJ means to you, how it has changed your life, and/or why you continue to choose it as your online home. The deadline for these quotes is Wednesday at midnight. Have fun, and good luck!

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I think that one of the best things about LJ is how it allows you to keep in contact with, and up-to-date with, friends who you've been parted from and no longer see on a day-to-day basis. Here's two particularly cute entries from my journal that illustrate love being shown between friends on LJ:

It was a means of staying connected, now it's a means for me to meet new people and discuss many different topics.


I use LiveJournal to arrange my thoughts in a way that other people understand, and I understand myself better through writing out my inner dialogue. I also have a terrible memory, and it's great to have my thoughts on record at various points in my life so that I can look back later and see how far I've come.

LiveJournal is a place where I feel at home and can let my feelings out freely. I feel secure and know that I want to spend as much time here as possible. Since I made my account, I have never been able to go a day without logging on. LJ has become a part of my life, and I know that it always will be. I know I will always have a record of my life thanks to LJ.

LiveJournal is a place where I can be myself, meet awesome new people, and keep up with my various interests. I've made so many friends here, it's crazy. I love 'em all.


Which Wednesday? And whose midnight?

Seriously, I don't think two days is very long for submitting such things - can't it be extended to a week at least?

LJ is a place where I can write and no one condems. And writing keeps me sane.

I'm not entirely sure who I'm meant to be send a message... but here's my oppinion anyway.

I LJ because it gives me an avenue to express myself to people who genuinely care about my life and the events that make it up. I've met many new friends who share many similar interests with me, and they come from all over the world. It's such a friendly place that invites expression and creativity of all forms, I love it!

Livejournal did actually changed my life. I can't even try to deny that it did. It opened my eyes to a whole world of people and just, stuff!, I never would have discovered otherwise. I'll always be grateful to lj for bringing the absolute best people into my life.

This is the right place to submit your entries--and these are some great ones, already! We know, this Wednesday is a tight deadline, but really that's because we'll have more fun things to consider on Thursday. And because LJ's April birthday is right around the corner....

LiveJournal has been an important part of my life. The highs and lows of my formative years are here: each struggle dissected and released, each triumph polished and stored. Through LiveJournal, I have met and connected with my closest friends; I have met and connected with vital parts of myself.

I use LiveJournal as a means of therapy. Every day there's an entry or four that highlight my love, sorrow, and all the things inbetween. It's an honest representation of my thoughts, feelings, opinions, and even a debating ground that provides me a side I hadn't even contemplated before.

LiveJournal, to me, is just that - a live journal. I can access it almost anywhere I go. Having an electronic history of my thoughts and experiences to use as a reference point whenever I need it has been invaluable. Thank you.

I like to read and learn new things, and I like to share them. LJ has become my sharing platform for many things I am interested in. Some of my hobby horses have become communities, like dark_christian.

This continues to be my primary place to post stuff. I like the community nature of this site.

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