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10 Years...Memories...Posts...Etc.
gilmorelover wrote in lj_turns10

I started off on LJ in a desperate desire to join this community (for the record, I didn't end up joining; I kind of forgot about it.) and then started up my actual journal about a year later. Ever since then, I have fallen in love with LJ, for it's exactly what I needed to vent my feelings on life and express my story (life story and book-story) to the world.
Here's some entries for the book:

Godzilla - gilmorelover.livejournal.com/1134.html
Daleks On Holiday - gilmorelover.livejournal.com/1282.html
Down With The Unimplied Fries! - gilmorelover.livejournal.com/3407.html
More Pet Peeves! YAY! - gilmorelover.livejournal.com/18460.html

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We share the same Birthday!!!

At least I will always remember lj's birthday. It's the same as mine!

I love LJ too! I've had my journal for about a year now! ^___^ Happy Birthday LJ!

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