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some tidbits:
accent shadow
lifeofmendel wrote in lj_turns10

here are a few of my better entries through the years after a very quick search of tags, my very poor memory, and some archives. i may come up with a few more later.

24 nov 08: revelations concerning my birthday

21 Jan 07: transitions

25 Oct 02: one cube at a time

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I can think what top 10 would be most important!

I know that I only use the journal if it is
necessary since I like how it is setup.

$500.00 Winning Writer at One Stop!

Happy Birthday Live Journal!

I have some fantastic news also to announce, as of February 5, 2009--the Spring Fling Writing Competition results posted at the Writers Free newwork: one stop write shop!

Congratulations Sharon Tideswell, for winning the first place grand prize $500.00 award, for the poem Fond Memories.

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