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i think it should be random
scream, homer
moronicblooze wrote in lj_turns10
randomness is a sign of the recent times, in computer ways.

it would be really cool if the people behind LJ programmed a way to
randomly select a journal, o single journal entry, and nominate this
journal or entry as the winner.

it seems stupid at first. but LJ is an online community, as in, computers.
and computers are currently our best method for trying to make randomness
in an agreeable format (no two random minds agree 100%)... so why not
signify the the times of hackers, both good and bad, some of which have
clearly helped develop LJ and some of the journal authors themselves
then with randomness.

AND combine it with at least *somewhat* real world possibilties like
"random acts of kindness".

and i'm thinking the person selected might feel bad, like they dont deserve it
because it was random... but honestly, *I* challenge the LJ staff to make
a trully random selection, of which if the selected winner knows anything
about randomness, would understand it to be a true reward.

but these are just my 2 pennies. take them or leave them :)

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I like this idea.
Not to fill the book, but feature some, sure

yup, this idea is a good one. but i think i agree with Melonsplash that only some features should just be totally random, to give a feeling of what LJ really is like. you get the great and you get the silly, sometimes you even get the two in one post :D

Lj already has a random journal feature. I have my lj interface set to Dystopia, and I can see the 'random journal' setting under the 'Explore' heading, at the home page.

This an interesting, unique idea in regards to the book. :)

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