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Dare we mention the Los Angeles LiveJournal Bash?
Andrei in the office
lordandrei wrote in lj_turns10
I'm not sure that Hotel will ever be the same. Personally, it was amazing to meet so many different people and above all else sit down for a one-to-one chat with Brad about the technology. Seeing him absolutely reeling from the experience and adoption was a memory I will absolutely treasure.

This is the 2nd take on this post... I missed the all important link section -

The event took place over the weekend of March 21st, 2002.
So first off do not miss: the month's summary on laljbash

A couple of recaps:here, here, and here.

Any other memories on this event?

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oh! I missed that event by 5 months and 3 days! I had no idea LJ was even around until sometime in August of that year.

I don't even remember who invited me to make my first LJ (lizzieluvsu)

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