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HI. I've been involved with LJ since 2001, didn't have my own journal until a bit later.

This is a little maudlin, but in the past ten years some LJers have lost their lives. Some MEMORABLE ljers.

I think there should be a feature in the book to honor those users for whom a great part of their legacy remains that their journals remain on LJ. These users remain in our hearts, our memories, and on our friend lists. In some cases, LJ kept people going as they fought valiantly against disease, in other cases they were suddenly struck down (for instance by a bus) in the midst of living their normal lives.

Friends have logged in to post sad notices on journals and let friends know what happened. andypop is an example of one a great loss who touched my life.

* * *

LJ has also been a great personal news service to let others know when not-so-fatal catastrophes have struck - it has the ability to serve as 'information central' for people to come together and help or just offer support... and in times of loss and grief, it's fantastic because our words will live on - for as long as LJ exists - hopefully forever.

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