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Entries about LJ/RL crossover?
lj10mod wrote in lj_turns10
There can be a lot of crossover between your LJ and your RL, and we want to know all about it. We're looking for entries about how LJ has changed the world (not new entries, just links to good entries from over the years). We're interested in those moments when real-world events spilled over into LiveJournal and vice versa. This could be anything from an entry about how someone met their true love on LJ to entries posted in the midst of sweeping historical events like Hurricane Katrina or September 11. Comment below with your nominations (as always, links to specific entries are greatly appreciated).

I met my husband through LiveJournal in 2002. He's from Manchester, UK; I'm from New Jersey. We started dating in 2004 and eloped to Las Vegas in 2006. Still married and celebrated our 5th dating anniversary last week. It was all chronicled in our LJs -- his is shadowofsummer -- from meeting to dating to immigration nightmares to marriage and everything inbetween.

My entry from the day he *finally* asked me out: "And now the inevitable question...."
My entry from the day David returned to England to get a visa to live in the US: "Goodbyes"
My entry in which we announced our marriage: "Surprise!"

David's entry about asking me out: "good times, for a change"
David's entry about our wedding: "in which I wear jewelry forevermore"

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Thanks for sharing these! And congratulations on the happy match!

I met my fiance through an Elliott Smith community on LJ =)

The fateful entry (haha): http://community.livejournal.com/elliottsmith/1156661.html

My fiance's awesome sum-up of all that followed it: http://community.livejournal.com/elliottsmith/1221783.html?#cutid1

to quote someone who commented on the second entry, "makes [you] think twice about making posts and comments on LJ!"


I have two places where my LJ crossed over into my RL.

About four years ago, I got a comment from someone who had found my journal through one of the NHL/Hockey communities that I'm a member of. That comment lead to us friending each other, then to AIM conversations, then to hours spent on the phone, and now we're three years into a relationship that started right here on Livejournal.

The second is six or seven years ago, I stumbled upon another girl who shared similar interests with me. We met in a Livejournal based roleplaying game, and then started talking out of character. As we got to know one another, we found out that she was in Australia, and I was here in the US. Over the last seven years we've kept in touch through AIM and LJ, and finally got to meet face to face for the first time in January.

Thanks for sharing! If you have any links to entries about these experiences, please feel free to post them.

I met my husband on Livejournal. We found each other through the "common interests" feature that LJ had back in '03. A few months later, we met in person. After over two years of being in a long distance relationship, he surprised me by proposing to me and a year later, we got married. We've been married for two and a half years now. :-)

Great story! Thanks for sharing.

I actually got a job through someone I met on LJ. LOL.

Does true intellectual love count?

I reminisced a lot about about being a fan and waded through some forty years of personal fandom here.

I followed interdictor's coverage of Hurricane Katrina throughout the crisis in New Orleans. He was amazing! This was his biggest posting day, but this post really got across how scary it was there for a while.

Thanks for the specific entries!

August 16, 2005. This post, in the community itsreallyover

My fiancee winged_embrace made her introductory post in that community. I (longnwindngroad) commented, she answered. The rest is history.

October 3, 2009 is the day we will be married, you_me_eternity is our wedding community.

Neither of us was into any on-line dating. We both found LJ to be an outlet for our thoughts and feelings during a difficult period in our life. When we each joined itsreallyover, neither of us expected anything other than to be able to let our feelings out. We were both surprised to find someone else with something in common.

If it wasn't for LiveJournal, we would never have met.

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Great story! Thanks for sharing.

I havent found a job through livejournal or the life of my life ( although i wish ) but i can honestly say that without livejournal i don't know where i would be. livejournal lets me tell it anything and can keep a secret. it doesnt judge, it just helps me hold memories and lets me cry and express myself. i went through my journal entries to find sometime extraordinary to post here and instead spent about an hour laughing and crying at alot of my entries. its really amazing.

I really like this one, and it sums it up for us all, I reckon.

I came across circlek's journal on September 11, 2001. A bunch of my friends (from real life who I followed here on LJ) linked to him, as he was posting info as he got it. I met him in person on August 1, 2003. We were married on March 19, 2004. We now have two beautiful little girls. The entire progression of our relationship is chronicled in both of our LJs and we continue to keep our important memories in them. Our engagement, wedding, pregnancies and birth... If our LJs disappeared I would cry, as there are so many memories stored here!

I often credit LJ with changing my life because it truly did.

Thanks for sharing! If there are any particularly memorable entries, about 9/11 or the personal events that ensued, please feel free to post them here.

Quite possibly the most meaningful thing from my life that made its way into my LJ is this post in an old LJ of mine that I used before I made this one. It's my thoughts on my dog, shortly after we had to put him to sleep.

I spent a long time typing that up. I can't read it any more; just looking at pictures of him makes my eyes water.

Meals for new babies!

I've been a part of LiveJournal for about seven years now, and am part of an unofficial group of about 15-20 that all started around the same time, and have stuck together since the beginning. The first time that I realized a LJ-RL crossover was possible was in March of 2003, when my friend jeney gave birth to her fifth child, a girl, Violet! It was quite obvious from what Jen wrote that things were a little crazy at the house ... and I wished I could help.

That's when the idea came to me to send pizza to her house! It worked out fabulously, and this inspired our group to arrange meals every time that there was a new baby.

luluraine's fourth baby, Katie. unblinkable's third baby, Mabry. overcast's second baby, Janie. And then it was jeney's turn all over again with the birth of Frank, her sixth! We have banned Jen from having more children ... it's too hard on the budget. ;-)

Anyway, amongst all of us, we cover about a week or two of meals, by ordering over the phone from local delivery restaurants. I love it!

Since that first pizza delivery, I have truly seen my LJ friends as real friends, and have been able to visit a whopping 75 of them in person!

Let's see, isn't it about time for someone else to have a baby? Yikes ... I'm getting married to my LJ-love, moneysocal, in May, so it just might be me. *gulp*

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Re: Meals for new babies!

Great story! What a nice gesture.

Help with moving expenses

From http://unblinkable.livejournal.com/52862.html, from an incredible LJ-RL crossover in 2002:

Don't let anyone, anywhere ever tell you that on-line friendships are just a shell of the real thing. I've been moved this week through the encouragement that I've received from all of my Live Journal friends. But God had more than encouragement in mind. He had sacrifice...

Last night, when Jeff and I came home from the hospital, there was a message on our answering machine from someone here in LJ land. They wanted us to get in touch with them as soon as we could, because they wanted to help us... We should have known that God was in control of the situation. He layed it on the heart of this LJ friend to mail our family $1000.00 (that's one thousand dollars)... You'd think the story ended there, and it could, but I was sharing this news with another LJ friend and telling them how that $1000 was going to cover all but about $100 of our costs to move from here... This friend began laughing., and then said, "Well, I've already put a check in the mail to you for that exact amount..."

I wanted to share all of this with you, my friends, because I didn't realize what I had here. I didn't realize how invested people can get in each others lives. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that the money is more important that the prayers that have been offered. I'm just saying that tangible things are sometimes what it takes for me to be whacked into understanding the far reaches of this community...

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Re: Help with moving expenses

That's wonderful. Though I can't contribute to LJturns10 because I only just moved to LJ, I've had online journals for years (on other websites). The friends I have made over the years have been there for me through thick and thin. I remember when my sister was in the hospital and my journal friend up called me frantically (I think she was actually in tears) to make sure she was okay. I also remember when I graduated and a journal friend of mine surprised me with an external hard drive :) Online friends ARE real friends.

I didn't get an LJ until 2004, and three years later I switched to the account I'm using now. This is the place where my friends (some I know in real life from school, others from the internet) and I can keep up with each others' lives and know how we're doing, what we've been up to, and just keep in touch. It's given me a freedom that I don't get to experience when face-to-face with people.

There are communities for people who share the same interests, where we can proudly talk about whatever it is we like without being judged by "outsiders." Likewise, there are communities for people who don't like something, and we can talk about whatever it is we dislike without worrying too much about angering others. It's a beautiful thing.

LJ has also been a great place to simply think. I love the Writer's Block prompts, specifically this one (sorry, it's friends-only). Where else, outside of a philosophy or psychology class, could I find something so thought-provoking?

The answer is, "no where."

Thanks, LJ.