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LJ Idol
tinhuviel wrote in lj_turns10
It started out teeny-tiny and became a major phenomenon in a short period of time.  I suggest the unstoppable force of <lj comm="therealljidol">.  <lj user="clauderainsrm"> has worked diligently to make what has often been a very volatile community work very well and very smoothly when it should have disintigrated into total chaos ages ago.  I think he and his community, and all those involved in making it work, should be given a nod in the LJ anniversary book.  Cheers on the best blog site on Teh Intarwebs!

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Well, I'll add this to all the wonderful things people have said: I was in a real writing slump when Season 4 was about to begin, and I saw a couple of friends were joining. I decided to do it just to get my creative juices flowing again, and found out that I really had a LOT in me!

It's great for reading, great for helping you realize what you and actually DO with your writing, and really great for making new friends from all over LJ!

I'm sure my own writers block would have been destroyed by LJ Idol had it not already been eradicated by the Darth Maul Estrogen Brigade. There's something incredibly inspirational about the game and I hope it goes on forever!

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