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LJ Idol
tinhuviel wrote in lj_turns10
It started out teeny-tiny and became a major phenomenon in a short period of time.  I suggest the unstoppable force of <lj comm="therealljidol">.  <lj user="clauderainsrm"> has worked diligently to make what has often been a very volatile community work very well and very smoothly when it should have disintigrated into total chaos ages ago.  I think he and his community, and all those involved in making it work, should be given a nod in the LJ anniversary book.  Cheers on the best blog site on Teh Intarwebs!

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therealljidol is a unique and fabulous community. You can't pay for the kind of feedback on your writing that this community gives you. claiderainsrm is an awesome moderator...supportive and laid-back, but steps in when needed and throws out some deliciously twisting curves. Those of us involved in it are very lucky indeed!

Yeah, that would be clauderainsrm. His evil twin brother, claiderainsrm, must've overtaken my keyboard right at the time of writing this.

Thanks Ro, for catching this!

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