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LJ Idol
tinhuviel wrote in lj_turns10
It started out teeny-tiny and became a major phenomenon in a short period of time.  I suggest the unstoppable force of <lj comm="therealljidol">.  <lj user="clauderainsrm"> has worked diligently to make what has often been a very volatile community work very well and very smoothly when it should have disintigrated into total chaos ages ago.  I think he and his community, and all those involved in making it work, should be given a nod in the LJ anniversary book.  Cheers on the best blog site on Teh Intarwebs!

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I couldn't agree more with you. clauderainsrm has done with therealljidol what I could never pull off. The way he runs the writing contest is brilliant and it brings so many people together and really does a lot of good for the participants and the readers (I was a reader in Season 4, participating in Season 5). I definitely agree with your shout-out to clauderainsrm.

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