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LJ Idol
tinhuviel wrote in lj_turns10
It started out teeny-tiny and became a major phenomenon in a short period of time.  I suggest the unstoppable force of <lj comm="therealljidol">.  <lj user="clauderainsrm"> has worked diligently to make what has often been a very volatile community work very well and very smoothly when it should have disintigrated into total chaos ages ago.  I think he and his community, and all those involved in making it work, should be given a nod in the LJ anniversary book.  Cheers on the best blog site on Teh Intarwebs!

Hooray for LJ Idol! (Season 4 player here.)
Your tags are showing, by the way.

I couldn't agree more with you. clauderainsrm has done with therealljidol what I could never pull off. The way he runs the writing contest is brilliant and it brings so many people together and really does a lot of good for the participants and the readers (I was a reader in Season 4, participating in Season 5). I definitely agree with your shout-out to clauderainsrm.

This season was my first and I really, really enjoyed it. Tinhuviel is right - it should have descended into chaos a long time ago due to the competitive nature of it, but instead, Idol is a community where you can meet good people and get so much more out of it than the fun of writing for a vote.

I totally agree that it should be included in any celebration of LJ - I don't think anything like this could happen anywhere else.

I agree. therealljidol is one of the best comms on LJ. I have participated in seasons 3, 4, and now season 5. It's a great place to meet new people and also work on your writing skills. On top of all that, it's just fun!

I've been in therealljidol for 2 seasons now. I've had a fabulous time! The people I've met through the contest have really made my flist interesting and diverse. [Bad username: clauderainsrm)]

I am playing this season for the first time and it was the best decision I made in a long time. I have met incredible friends and improved my writing skills.

clauderainsrm works very hard in keeping everyone on their feet, while being very fair. He is amazing and deserves a lot of recognition.

I was there when the game was in it's embryonic stage, when clauderainsrm was still feeling the whole thing out, and I'm amazed at how the comm has transformed and how much its moderator has transformed as well. He's truly a genius,though he'd never admit it seriously.

therealljidol is a unique and fabulous community. You can't pay for the kind of feedback on your writing that this community gives you. claiderainsrm is an awesome moderator...supportive and laid-back, but steps in when needed and throws out some deliciously twisting curves. Those of us involved in it are very lucky indeed!

Reader in season 3, participant in seasons 4 and 5. This is an awesome community, and considering how it has grown by leaps and bounds, it definitely deserves a spot in the anniversary book!

There are a lot of people who would not still be involved in LJ without LJ Idol.

I am not exaggerating when I say that therealljidol changed my life. I was a voting fan in Season 2, and have been a contestant in Seasons 3, 4 and now 5.

I agree 100% this community belongs in LJ's anniversary book!

This is my second season playing. I did the Home Game the season welfy won, and I never would have known about it if it hadn't been for someone on my FL who was a contestant.

What can I say? Idol not only got me writing again, but I've made a ton of friends from it. What other community can boast that?

Absolutely ... I started out playing season 3, had to skip season 4 but came back season 5 and it's the best involvement on LJ I could find. Hey, it even got me writing fiction again, something I doubt any other community could.

The day I get published (positive thinking only!) clauderainsrm goes into the thank you note ;)

That's a brilliant idea and something I know he'd appreciate. You will get published. I feel it in my bones.

True story - I was seriously considering leaving LJ at the beginning of season 4, and stuck around for Idol. I hadn't posted anything worth reading since my father died a couple of years earlier, and LJIdol started me writing again.

See, there you go. The comm is phenomenon, methinks and deserves a nod in the anniversary book.

Well, I'll add this to all the wonderful things people have said: I was in a real writing slump when Season 4 was about to begin, and I saw a couple of friends were joining. I decided to do it just to get my creative juices flowing again, and found out that I really had a LOT in me!

It's great for reading, great for helping you realize what you and actually DO with your writing, and really great for making new friends from all over LJ!

I'm sure my own writers block would have been destroyed by LJ Idol had it not already been eradicated by the Darth Maul Estrogen Brigade. There's something incredibly inspirational about the game and I hope it goes on forever!

*participated in seasons 4 & 5*

Love love LOVE Idol. Cheers to Idol and to LJ for having us!