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all of the above
glazomaniac wrote in lj_turns10
artofvision is a nice little, text heavy, ambitious undertaking that i love and wish i could replicate with other media besides film. top_fives is, of course, the king.

lostcosmonaut is a champ who deserves a mention here because of his relentless existence as a quality livejournaler. bad_juice's dedication to polls also deserves a mention. chocolatebark is basically the king of all lj, and twitchywrote has the soul of a poet and never gets his due. danithesquirrel's photography deserves recognition.

entries: (for the comments) (it could be revised) & (the best such lists out there) (not, perhaps, the first nice list, but one of the best) (what inspired me to journal properly) (text adventures) (the rules of the dance)

i think they all might kill me for posting this. i've forgotten so much over the years.

i hope this is how it's supposed to be done.

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no intertiacrept? blasphemy.

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