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Entries from 1999 and 2000?
lj10mod wrote in lj_turns10
Many thanks to everyone who has shared their favorites entries! We're having a blast reading through all of them, and we still welcome those of you who haven't chimed in yet to share your all-time top 5 favs.

And now, a new challenge, especially for those of you who've been part of LJ from the very start: What are your favorite entries from 1999 and 2000? Dig deep into your Memories--what got you hooked on this delicious drug known as LJ?

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(Deleted comment)
agreed, wtf is going on here?

oh man, your icon brings back memories.

While I haven't bothered looking at the posts mentioned (I just skimmed to things I wanted to look at), I don't understand why the posts need deleting if they made it through the mod. queue?

Please feel free to re-nominate any journal, but be sure to give us a reason why you feel it is relevant to be included in the book.

I don't think most people realized that by "favorite" journals & entries, you ACTUALLY meant "favorite journals and entries that we consider acceptable, in all honesty, we have them chosen already - hint: it involves Twilight!- and anything that doesn't fit what we want will be hidden and removed from consideration"

Really, LJ- isn't it about time you stopped asking for users' input on things, since you disregard any responses you get? (Speaking of which, has anyone heard from the User Rep yet? THAT went well...)

I came in to add this mostly pointless, vaguely amusing entry about my car almost blowing up, but am curious about the deletions. I think you shouldn't ask for input if you don't want it.

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